Awning Windows


FIN awning windows are hinged at the top and open via a chain winder.
The advantages of an awning window are less aluminium mullions (joins) to break up the glass.

Awning Window Compariosn by FIN
Awning Window Compariosn by FIN

Pictured left above is a sliding type window, note that view is obstructed by the mullion (join) down the middle of the window. On the right is a FIN Aluminium Awning window, and as illustrated, the view of the world beyond is unobstructed.

We do not recommend awning windows to open out into heavy traffic areas.

Awning windows can be operated by electric motors for windows where access is difficult.

FIN Aluminium Awning windows also come in many variations.

Awning Windows by FIN
Awning Windows by FIN
Awning Windows by FIN
Awning Windows by FIN

Key Benefits of Awning Windows

  • Stainless steel chain winders used as standard
  • Can be opened in inclement weather
  • Enhances view with less mullions
  • Can be electrically powered

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