Multi Slide Doors


FIN multi slide doors are manufactured from our Genesis range of windows and doors. They are generally either:

  1. Three panel with two sliding panels behind one fixture.
  2. Six panels being a mirror reverse of a 3 panel combined unit.
3 Panel Stacking Multi Slide Doors Newcastle
6 Panel Stacking Multi Slide Door Sydney

When closed, our multi-slide doors are aesthetically pleasing with their large areas of glass, and glide open with use of high quality bearings.

There isn’t a multi slide door system better for capturing a beautiful view.

Another reason to love our Multi-Slide doors is that they can disappear! Every panel can slide and stack off to the side or completely vanish into a wall, opening up entire rooms to the amazing world outside while you entertain.

And of course they can come with fly screen, barrier or security doors as required.

Multi-slide doors can even come together in a 90 degree corner with or without a post to close onto.

Key Benefits of Multi-Slide Doors

  • Expansive openings for entertaining and views

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